A beautiful, high-skill show using illuminated props…

Slick, fast, inspiring. Exquisite performances and utterly professional performers. A joy to work with in all respects.

Nicki Street, Fools Paradise, UK

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The Halo Glow Show is an explosive visual stage act. Super-bright LED (glowing) hula hoops, juggling clubs and ‘Hyperlight’ poi illuminate the complex patterns and textures drawn in the air by up to 5 virtuoso circus artists. And now, new ‘DigiPoi’ technology displays customisable words, logos and pictures in the show's finale. Stunning, elegant and extraordinary, this hugely entertaining act moves from beautifully presented feats of control and delightfully synchronous choreography to a jaw-dropping human-kaleidoscope finale.

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State of the art technology…

Halo manipulate props with powerful LED lights fitted inside allowing for spectacular and dynamic effects to be created through the trails they leave in a darkened space. Tiny computer processors wirelessly change the prop’s colours, patterns and displays in time with the show music and Halo’s finale uses fantastically clever technology to generate complex visual textures and hi-resolution images in the air. Bookers can choose their own logo, words or theme to appear at the climax to the show.

Exceptional circus artists…

Halo comprises the UK’s top Hula Hoopers Grace Billings, Loz James and Silvia Pavone plus internationally recognised jugglers Jago Parfitt and Dimitri Ogden and others including Dave Knox. Together they bring the flair and trademark slick choreography performed in the award winning FlameOz Fire Show to this highly-visual act. Expect super-tight multi-person routines, breath-taking skills and an exuberant stage-presence from these hugely talented artists.